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Hot air

Where the hell is he? Can someone go and find the Jogging Dad!

Where the hell is he? Can someone go and find the Jogging Dad and put some powder on him!

As part of my daytime job, I often have to appear on TV. And, no, it’s not on any of the more interesting mainstream programs such as MTV or ESPN, talking about celebrities or sports.

On the contrary, I get invited to appear on bat-shit boring ones such as Bloomberg or CNBC, talking about crap that I have not the faintest ideas on, but get asked anyway to enlighten people who know even less. Continue reading


A run of redemption

What's wrong with everyone's watch?

What’s wrong with everyone’s watch?

A couple of weeks ago, I completed my last race for the running season – one that is winding down as the temperature in Australia is heating up.

It was a half-marathon around the sporting complex which hosted the Year 2000 Sydney Olympics, with runners crossing the finish line inside the main stadium. And I was determined to cross that finish line, after the spectacular failure to reach the end in my last race.

As usual though, the desire to run a good race did not interfere with my habit of people-watching during the event. And it was a smorgasboard on that day, with the splendid spring weather bringing out some wonderful characters to gawk at. Continue reading