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Missing chords with giving chores

My wife and I will never win any Parents of the Year Awards.

Lennox's Lion Attack - Thanks Lego!

Lennox’s Lion Attack – Thanks Lego!

Most of the time, we’re just bumbling through this whole ‘Raising Kids’ business with one singular aim – to avoid being hauled away by the Department of Welfare for Children.

Very occasionally, however, we get struck in the ass by a bolt of inspiration to teach our two boys some valuable lessons. And the current fad we are on is teaching them to work for something, to earn their keeps, and to save.

When we first came up with this gem, my wife and I were very proud of ourselves – so much so that we toasted a whole bottle of wine just to celebrate our parental wisdom.

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The story of Ung

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Ung.

He was a happy go-lucky little man who loved nothing more than running around aimlessly. When he did have an aim whilst running, it was to either chase after a bird, a dog or even just the clouds in the sky.

As Ung grew older, the birds, the dogs and the clouds lost their allure. However, his passion for running remained, be it in a park, along a river or even just on the sidewalk of a smog-filled road. Continue reading

That’s all I have to say about that!

The other night, I was enjoying the movie “A Perfect Storm” in the bedroom while stuffing my face with potato chips, chocolates and a can of coke.

It's just a great movie, that's all!

It’s just a great movie, that’s all!

What film is … is this that film about those stupid macho men who risk their lives just so they can catch some fish?“, my wife inquired when she entered the room.

Honey, you obviously have no idea what you’re talking about. This film is about men versus nature and how, in this ultimate struggle, men find who they really are and what they fear“.

What the hell? Did you just speak out of your ass? Anyway, how many time have you seen this movie?“. Continue reading

Breaking badly

Something didn’t feel quite right. In fact, something felt downright wrong.

No Shit?!

No shit?!

The sickening saliva started to moist the inside of my mouth – the type that usually precedes a full on projectile puke.

I slowly eased to the side of the road and, as soon as I found a patch of bush, the vomiting began. For someone who has done so only a handful of times in his whole life and can stomach rough seas while game-fishing, this was something else. It felt as if my entire maze of intestines was on the verge of surging up my throat and erupting out of my mouth.

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