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Doting vs coping

My elder son, L, is very conscientious – an attribute that belies his tender 7-year age.

Umm, is this going to be in the test?

Umm, is this going to be in the test?

He is the kind of boy who always does his absolute best in any pursuit, not just for the benefit of his own competitive streak, but also to please those in authority. L revels in the accolades that frequently come his way, be it from his school teachers, swimming instructor, Tae Kwon Do master or from his own parents and extended family.

While all this is great, the flipside to this attitude can be quite tumultuous. L’s mood can turn sour very quickly at the first hint of any criticism or perceived shortfall. Continue reading


From body pump to body slump

No, please, not the squat again!

No, please, no – not the squat again!

Last Friday morning, I was walking around aimlessly in the gym – walking because all the treadmills were occupied, and aimlessly because all the free weights were being used. The place was absolutely jam-packed with people, all suddenly striving to look their best as Sydney enters the beach season.

After a couple of more laps around the zoo, forlornly hoping for an empty military press machine or even just a simple bench to do some weights on, I gave up and headed for the stretch area. On the way there, however, I walked past a throng of people waiting outside one of the aerobic exercise classrooms. Continue reading