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Hot air

Where the hell is he? Can someone go and find the Jogging Dad!

Where the hell is he? Can someone go and find the Jogging Dad and put some powder on him!

As part of my daytime job, I often have to appear on TV. And, no, it’s not on any of the more interesting mainstream programs such as MTV or ESPN, talking about celebrities or sports.

On the contrary, I get invited to appear on bat-shit boring ones such as Bloomberg or CNBC, talking about crap that I have not the faintest ideas on, but get asked anyway to enlighten people who know even less. Continue reading


The passing of a friend

A friend of mine passed away yesterday.

He was a friend who I have never met in person, but has been a big part of my subconscious since 1993. That was the year I first felt his menacing presence and thought to myself “Now, there’s a person I wouldn’t wanna fuck with“.

He was briefly in and out of my life after that, until 2001. That was the year I was living in London and got reacquainted with him. And what a reacquaintance it was! The way he spoke, the complexity of his personality, the way he can assume the role of a gentle giant on the one hand, then erupt into a fireball of rage and violence on the other, often within a split second. Continue reading