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The Talented Mr Hoffman

The way I choose to remember him.

The way I choose to remember him.

More than 20 years ago, I saw a film called Scent of a Woman. Even though I was very young at the time, the affection I had even then for all things Al Pacino was legendary among everyone who knew me – something that has continued to this day.

However, there was a funny-looking minor character in that film who fascinated me. He played the role of a preppy spoilt brat so convincingly that I had trouble distinguishing between him and all the preppy spoilt brats I knew at the time. Continue reading


These are a few of my favourite scenes

Last Thursday, Roger Ebert passed away in Chicago. For those who don’t know him, you may find this post to be as boring as bat-shit, perhaps even more so than my usual ramblings.

What's the matter with you?!

What’s the matter with you?!

I have been following Mr Ebert’s film reviews since I was in my late teens, a time when I lived and breathed movies, so much so that I was even foolish enough to have dreamt of becoming a movie director one day. Fast forward 20 years, I now live and breathe being a family man, so much so that I no longer dream of becoming anything. However, the love for films has remained to this day and so has my habit of reading Mr Ebert’s film reviews. Continue reading

When running on empty …

I went for another long run early this afternoon, in preparation for my marathon next month. It was a 30-degree celsius day but felt like at least 35, as the cloudless sky gave no respite from the fierce sun.

At around the 23km mark, I really began to suffer from the heat. It didn’t help that my mind

Run, Jogging Dad, run
Run, Jogging Dad, run

started to be unkind, niggling me with remarks such as: “You’re tired already? After only 20-odd km’s? Do you realise that you’re barely half-way through the distance that you will be running next month“?

So I decided to give this mind of mine something to think about, something to dwell on instead of needling me on the preposterousness of running in this heat. I challenged it to come up with the most inspiring books and films on running that it has come across. Continue reading