Anatomy of a hobby

What is 'it' all about?

What is ‘it’ all about?

I have a hobby.

A hobby that could be viewed as pointless, given the amount of time that it takes out of an already hectic life.

One that can be seen as selfish, as it ostensibly benefits no one but myself.

A hobby that has no end goal attached to it, and no clear place in the grand scheme of things that is life.

A rather mundane form of exercise that can, nevertheless, both frustrate and exhilarate, often at the same time.

On the other hand …

… the whole point of a hobby is that it has none, and that in itself can be strangely liberating, especially in a world where we are forever pressured into setting goals, having a purpose and striving helter-skelter towards some mythical end.

… and while this hobby of mine may be regarded as selfish, that is only because outside people don’t see the positive impact it has on me on the inside, by affording me time to reminisce, reflect and indeed re-acquaint with myself.

… furthermore, the lack of its place in the grand scheme of things is precisely the reason why it deserves a place in the very epicentre of life, lest we take it all too seriously.

… finally, the mundaneness of this hobby belies its peculiar ability to elicit thoughts and emotions that are, otherwise, difficult to verbalise.

This hobby that I’m referring to is, of course … Writing.

After all, if it wasn’t for this hobby, how else would I be able to communicate my passion for the two other hobbies in my life – Jogging and Daddying?

And, believe me, these two other hobbies DO have a place in the grand scheme of things that is life!

Keep on pounding.


20 thoughts on “Anatomy of a hobby

  1. TIA

    I admit I had to retread it, because I was picturing you running the entire time….Is that you running in the distance? 🙂 I’m glad you need to write, because I like to hear what you have to say… That’s my one nice comment for the day:)

  2. runningfancy

    Ohhhh I love how you trick the reader into thinking this is about running and then at the end it’s about writing. Showing this to my students as a writing technique! Thank you for the example and keep on writing!!!

    1. The Jogging Dad Post author

      Thanks for such kind words! It’s always good to know my little blog is being read by some people – even more rewarding when it’s read by people who have a thing with running! 🙂

  3. TIA

    I sent the family award your direction…because you’re one of my most favorite blogging family members. Thanks for enduring my nonsense thus far :)… Happy running, writing, parenting, and Labor Day weekend!

    1. The Jogging Dad Post author

      Madame, if what you say is nonsense then we’re both stuffed, because I can relate to most of what you say, even though I’m a guy living a Pacific Ocean away, and have no clue how you handle such a big family with such poise!

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