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Anatomy of a hobby

What is 'it' all about?

What is ‘it’ all about?

I have a hobby.

A hobby that could be viewed as pointless, given the amount of time that it takes out of an already hectic life.

One that can be seen as selfish, as it ostensibly benefits no one but myself.

A hobby that has no end goal attached to it, and no clear place in the grand scheme of things that is life.

A rather mundane form of exercise that can, nevertheless, both frustrate and exhilarate, often at the same time. Continue reading


I ran, I saw, I connected

Despite being a keen runner, I am not very adventurous when it comes to running routes.

Never know who you may come across on this long, winding path.

Never know who you may come across on this long, winding path.

During the week, the pounding usually takes place on a path that stretches along the picturesque Sydney Harbour, either around the Opera House and its nearby greenery, or near Pyrmont and its surrounding waterfront properties. On weekends, it is always along the Cooks River where a walking/running/cycling path meanders past several municipalities, through serene reserves and beautiful parks.

It is on this second route during Saturday and Sunday afternoon runs that I often come across various familar faces. There is the guy who is always practicing the art of La Passeggiata while wearing a typical knock-about Aussie attire, namely, a cricket hat, a football jersey and a pair of shorts that is way too short. Continue reading