Daily Archives: July 4, 2013

Excuse my fartlek

"You ready for some fartlek"?

“You ready for some fartlek”?

I want to run faster. What can do I do run faster?” I pestered a friend some years ago. This was just after I began running long distances. I thought the guy would be a good authority to seek advice from, given he subscribed to running magazines and was always crapping on about various techniques.

You should do fartlek“.


Fartlek. It’s where you run fast, run slow, run fast, run slow“.

Why do I even bother asking you anything! You know, I ask you for advice on how to run faster and all I get is ‘run fast, run slow’. Even worse, you call it … what did you call it again? Fartlek! What is that? Shit, that sounds like something you do when you inhale vindaloo the night before a run and then have to exhale it out the other end during the run“! Continue reading