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Running the show

According to race organisers, there were 10,451 runners who successfully crossed the finish line in last Sunday’s Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon, yours truly proudly among them. However, I can tell you for a fact that the population on, off and along course that day was easily double that official figure.



Firstly, there were the runners who, for whatever reason, did not finish. There is no shame in that. Indeed, it could happen to the best of them, due to injuries, cramps, hangovers from the previous night or some macho-dare between friends gone horribly wrong.

Secondly, there were the numerous spectators along the course. Some of them fanatically cheered on their family members and friends, often waving some amusing signs (“Hurry mum, I want breakfast. Dad’s still asleep!“) and some not so amusing ones (“My dad’s in front of you, and he’s 68!“). Continue reading