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Foes and ‘bros

I get the feeling my sons already know this

I get the feeling my sons already know this

My two sons are now 7 and 5. Despite frequently giving me ulcers with their antics, they are generally very well-behaved and good-natured boys.

Granted, the elder one’s moodiness can put a girl to shame, while the younger one’s mischievousness is impossible to tame. But those traits, among many others, are exactly what makes them so much fun to watch and interact with.

That is, of course, until they start interacting with each other!

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Doting vs coping

My elder son, L, is very conscientious – an attribute that belies his tender 7-year age.

Umm, is this going to be in the test?

Umm, is this going to be in the test?

He is the kind of boy who always does his absolute best in any pursuit, not just for the benefit of his own competitive streak, but also to please those in authority. L revels in the accolades that frequently come his way, be it from his school teachers, swimming instructor, Tae Kwon Do master or from his own parents and extended family.

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Missing chords with giving chores

My wife and I will never win any Parents of the Year Awards.

Lennox's Lion Attack - Thanks Lego!

Lennox’s Lion Attack – Thanks Lego!

Most of the time, we’re just bumbling through this whole ‘Raising Kids’ business with one singular aim – to avoid being hauled away by the Department of Welfare for Children.

Very occasionally, however, we get struck in the ass by a bolt of inspiration to teach our two boys some valuable lessons. And the current fad we are on is teaching them to work for something, to earn their keeps, and to save.

When we first came up with this gem, my wife and I were very proud of ourselves – so much so that we toasted a whole bottle of wine just to celebrate our parental wisdom.

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The golden boy

No! In our house, Daddy gets the biggest slice!

No! In our house, Daddy gets the biggest slice!

Some people think I play favourites with my two sons. There are certainly valid reasons for this perception.

For instance, I tend to speak to my 7 year-old elder son, L, with a more gentle demeanour, but only because he is such a sensitive boy who can sometimes take things too much to heart.

I also admittedly talk about L a lot more to outsiders – a practice that merely reflects his burgeoning achievements (at school, in sports, even at home), owing to his conscientiousness and general desire to appease those in authority.

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The 40 year old version

"You know how I know you're 40"?  "How"? "You say the same shit over and over again"!

“You know how I know you’re 40”?
“You say the same shit over and over again”!

Some people say 40 is the new 20, or that 40 is the new 30.

Unfortunately, as far as I’m concerned, 40 is just 40, and no amount of figurative window-dressing is going to change that!

Don’t get me wrong, I certainly don’t feel like a person who will, next week, enter his fifth decade on this earth. For instance, I still feel cool and hip, keeping up to date with what’s goin’ dowwwn in the world of entertainment. This is despite the fact that, instead of making me feel all hanky-panky, the recent performances of some of the younger singers just make me want to give them a parental spanky! Continue reading