Nano reminiscing

My iPod Nano died recently.

It passed away peacefully in its sleep – one from which it could not be awaken, despite much frantic efforts to resuscitate through charging, syncing and cajoling.

Before that, the last encounter I had with the iPod was three days prior, when it joined me on a 25km run in scorching hot weather. The heat was so suffocating, and the run so arduous, that I slowly descended into a foul state of mind. In fact, it was so unbearable that I irrationally snapped at my iPod for being such an uninspiring companion. For insisting on playing such a boring, repetitive set of songs that I have heard a million times before. I abruptly turned the iPod off at the 20km mark and violently shoved it, together with the earphones, into my shorts pocket.

That was the very last interaction I had with my iPod Nano. In hindsight, I wish it was different. I wish I had parted ways with it in a more amicable fashion.

That little shiny, square fella had been my loyal running partner for many years. We had gone through a countless number of 14.0 kms, 21.1kms , 42.2kms and many other distances in between. Together, we had endured runs in tortuous heat,  torrential rain and freezing climate. It had seen me at my best, it had seen me at my worst. Whether I was running well or sputtering like hell, my iPod had always been by my side.

It never scolded me for a bad performance, nor ever raised hysterics about a strong one. But it was always there, just there – a constant companion whose mere presence provided eerie comfort and reassurance.

And now … it’s gone.

Of course, like most things in life, the iPod Nano was never going to last forever. What will, however, is the memory of all those times it accompanied me while my thoughts were running wild, the immense distances that we travelled side-by-side, and all the jubilations and heartaches it witnessed of me feeling over the years.

Two days after the passing of the Nano, I went for a run.

No music, no earphones and, of course, no iPad Nano by my side.

It was just me and the sound of one foot pounding after the other.

It felt strange.

And for some stranger reason still, I began to think about my mother. I don’t know why, but I had a sudden longing to talk to her.

After the run, I came home and called her. We had a long innocent chat … about nothing in particular.

Keep on pounding.


17 thoughts on “Nano reminiscing

  1. The Vanilla Housewife

    It’s weird how I always worry about runner who have earphones on! I’m scared that they wont hear vehicles coming from behind or what if there’s a mugger running after them! Gah. I worry too much.

    1. The Jogging Dad Post author

      Not weird at all. Runners with earphones have no idea the mortal dangers they’re in. But I usually on secluded run/bike passageways, so can listen to music and even run without a shirt on if it’s too hot! 🙂

    1. The Jogging Dad Post author

      Yes I am ready now. Got myself a purple iPod shuffle. Why purple? I got no idea but that’s what happens when you reach 40 and colour preferences get all warped.

    1. The Jogging Dad Post author

      I find it therapeutic to run with no music. But only sometimes. Most times, without music, my mind just goes all over the place and slowly drives me up the wall, The Shining-style! Hope you’re enjoying Windy City.

  2. satanicpanic

    I will observe a moment of silence for your iPod and remember that every time I speak to my electronic devices may be the last, so I’ll try to be nice to them.

    1. The Jogging Dad Post author

      Thanks for paying respect to my nano. For you in particular though, you should be extra gentle with your electronic devices. Do I even need to tell you how gentle BB is to his Lucille?

  3. pieterk515

    It’s horrific for me to think that I might have to do ANY exercise without my faithful i-pod. Is that even humanly possible? I’m so glad you got a replacement. Just curious: Why a purple one?

    1. The Jogging Dad Post author

      I’m embarrassed to say, I got no idea why I chose purple. Just as I haven’t the faintest why my business shirts are gradually adorned with colours and stripes of the god-damn rainbow! 🙂

  4. MaybeMarathoner

    Your beloved Nano sounds like a pet…one that you rather forcefully put to sleep! 🙂 I am sure you will rock that purple Shuffle and establish a fabulous relationship in no time.

  5. nancytex2013

    Okay, many things to discuss in this one. Where to begin…?
    1. The personification of your little buddy. I had a similar experience with my new (and now traded in) iPhone which I wrote about earlier in the week. That bastard broke my heart by crashing during every training run I took him out on, thereby losing all my running stats. Fucker deserved to die.
    2. 25k??? Jeezus, man. How do you do it?? I had my longest run yet (7.5k) yesterday and thought I needed to take a week’s vacation to recover.
    3. No music in your ear made you think of your mom and resulted in a phone call to mom? That is pretty cool. Maybe I should try this as I’m way overdue on a call to my own.


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