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Quick Fic’s: The Job

Hey Mikey, how are you doing these days? Everything good, I take it?

I never know how to act in front of Jules.

As someone who occupies a pretty important position, his colloquial demeanour can be quite off-putting. Still, we’ve known each other for some time now and I have learnt over the years to feel more comfortable talking to him, especially when no one else is around. Indeed, I’ve even come to calling him Jules, a rather disrespectful moniker that I doubt anyone else would dare to use.

Oh, pretty good. Thanks for asking, Jules … Actually, I lie. I’m still recovering from all that time spent dealing with David“.

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Quick Fic’s: The sit-down

Come over here, KJ, I wanna talk to you“, said Vincenzo, motioning me foward with his crooked index finger.

At the time, I was just shooting breeze and breaking Chris’ balls about his new hairstyle. Or the lack thereof, as he had just suffered a number-two lawn-mower job at a barber’s in downtown Little Italy.

Look, we’ve got a situation over here“, Vincenzo said as soon as I sat across from him at the table.

Wait, you wanna drink? Why don’t you have a drink first?

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Quick Fic’s: The woman

I have decided to introduce fictional short stories to my regular roster of posts (see Origin of Quick Fic’s as to why I cooked up this crazy idea). What follows is my maiden effort.

I fell in love with her the very first time I saw her.

The attraction was immediate and had a sense of destiny to it all. Even though I have never met her before, there was a connection between us that was clear for all to see.

She wasn’t in the best of conditions that memorable night. There was no make-up, the hair was matted to her sweaty forehead at the front and terribly dishevelled at the back. She looked like she had just run a marathon but was definitely carrying some extra pounds all around. Continue reading