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Jog Day Afternoon

Tip #1: Don't run in the heat

Tip #1: Don’t run in the heat!

I had an enormously enjoyable two-week break with the family over the Christmas/New Year period. Enjoyable because, from morning to night, the main thing on my mind was what we should eat, where we should go to eat it and how much of it should we eat. Indeed, our daily itinerary revolved around these deliberations on eating.

Then there was the drinking, ranging from the soft kind that requires multiple pit stops en route to a recreational destination, to the alcoholic kind that pretty much rules out venturing to any destination.

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From body pump to body slump

No, please, not the squat again!

No, please, no – not the squat again!

Last Friday morning, I was walking around aimlessly in the gym – walking because all the treadmills were occupied, and aimlessly because all the free weights were being used. The place was absolutely jam-packed with people, all suddenly striving to look their best as Sydney enters the beach season.

After a couple of more laps around the zoo, forlornly hoping for an empty military press machine or even just a simple bench to do some weights on, I gave up and headed for the stretch area. On the way there, however, I walked past a throng of people waiting outside one of the aerobic exercise classrooms. Continue reading

A run of redemption

What's wrong with everyone's watch?

What’s wrong with everyone’s watch?

A couple of weeks ago, I completed my last race for the running season – one that is winding down as the temperature in Australia is heating up.

It was a half-marathon around the sporting complex which hosted the Year 2000 Sydney Olympics, with runners crossing the finish line inside the main stadium. And I was determined to cross that finish line, after the spectacular failure to reach the end in my last race.

As usual though, the desire to run a good race did not interfere with my habit of people-watching during the event. And it was a smorgasboard on that day, with the splendid spring weather bringing out some wonderful characters to gawk at. Continue reading

The story of Ung

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Ung.

He was a happy go-lucky little man who loved nothing more than running around aimlessly. When he did have an aim whilst running, it was to either chase after a bird, a dog or even just the clouds in the sky.

As Ung grew older, the birds, the dogs and the clouds lost their allure. However, his passion for running remained, be it in a park, along a river or even just on the sidewalk of a smog-filled road. Continue reading

Breaking badly

Something didn’t feel quite right. In fact, something felt downright wrong.

No Shit?!

No shit?!

The sickening saliva started to moist the inside of my mouth – the type that usually precedes a full on projectile puke.

I slowly eased to the side of the road and, as soon as I found a patch of bush, the vomiting began. For someone who has done so only a handful of times in his whole life and can stomach rough seas while game-fishing, this was something else. It felt as if my entire maze of intestines was on the verge of surging up my throat and erupting out of my mouth.

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